Ashby, You Need to Know!

Why They Want Me Gone

Dear Fellow Ashby Residents,

I am Selectman Steven Ingerson. If you recall, I ran on a platform of transparency and open

I find it necessary at this time to create a website in order to correct the record about my recall. The
recall has been initiated against me by my fellow selectman, Mr. McCallum and Mrs. Flinkstrom.

First,I want to say that being a representative for the residents of Ashby is a privilege and an honor
which I take seriously. The reason I ran for the seat is that I sensed a need for someone to get a closer
look at where the tax-payer's money was being spent. To see if there was a way to identify waste and
stop or slow down the ever-increasing property taxes in Ashby, which are ranked in the top 30 highest
rates of 351 cities and towns in the state.

I ran and got elected with 386 votes from my neighbors and I took the job with the attitude that I
would curb spending and promote efficiency and transparency from town employees. You have
entrusted me with spending the tax payer's money with care.

Well, this approach was not met with open arms as I quickly discovered. I have been repeatedly
ignored when making document requests. I have been attacked by my fellow selectmen when I raised
any questions which expose waste that they routinely rubber stamp.

My approach has threatened the status quo in town hall in just half of my term as a Selectman. To that
point, they felt the need to go to great lengths and expense to organize town employees around a recall
which has turned out to be based on a lie. Chairman, Janet Flinkstrom was forced to admit in an open
selectman's meeting that there were no laws broken by myself and she retracted her prior accusations.

The real reason Mrs. Flinkstrom and Mr. McCallum want me out of office is that they fear that I am
very close to exposing many examples of corruption, conspiracy and nepotism, which has become
standard operating procedure in your town hall. They have used your hard earned tax dollars for this

So, all I ask from my fellow Ashby residents and tax payers, first, know that I am more determined
now than ever that a complete audit of the financial dealings is conducted. Secondly, investigate all
that happened under the radar and behind closed doors and finally, find the large sums of money which
mysteriously disappeared from one account only to appear in another account. The monies used for a
town employees pet projects need even more fact digging and these are the real reason they want me
gone. I can honestly say that the only way to put a stop to this abuse once and for all is to reelect me
so that I can continue to hold taxes down and also to remove selectmen Michael McCallum who is the
main problem. Check this site often, as the next and subsequent postings on this website will establish
that he is no friend of the Ashby tax payers and is behind much of the waste and nepotism which occurs
in secrecy.

Steven Ingerson
Ashby Board of Selectman Member

Page Last Updated: 3/29/15

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